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South-coast born, Martha's Man is an acoustic driven artist with a melodic pop style.

On one hand Martha's Man sounds British, but on the other hand, he sounds like an artist with global appeal.

Able to captivate any audience through memorable choruses and melodies, his songs instantly sound familiar.

The songs reflect real emotions and feelings, but in an upbeat and charming way that will make you sing along regardless of the sad undertones.

Influences have been taken from a vast array of artists, including Chris Martin, Gary Barlow and Noel Gallagher, but with Paul McCartney being the very heart of Martha's Man's existence.

Martha's Man has his own wicked way with melody and voice that will make you turn around and listen.

If you like the lighter end of rock and/or the better end of pop, you won't forget Martha's Man.


Hi everyone!

This is the first ever blog on the website and I wanted to tell you about the video shoot in Snowdonia for the Debut Single 'If Your Heart Feels Mine'.

First of all, I was very excited to be working with Alex Genn Bash who has previously worked on and produced videos for Jake Morley, a very talented musician and songwriter who is currently making waves in the music industry.

With all my songs I never like to tell people my thoughts behind the lyrics I come up with, becuase I find it so much more fulfilling for the listner to come up with their own thoughts on what the songs are about.

However, the video needed a story and Alex had a great idea to base it on reflection, reminiscing and looking back on your life. Some of the lyrics relate to that concept. So he thought it would be a good idea for me to walk around a bleak, empty landscape dressed in a prom suit, 80's style!!!! The prom suit represents the start of a happy relationship and wanting to go back in time, before that once happy relationship broke down. I was walking around in an almost dream like state.

Anyway, back to the first night and after a 4 hour drive we arrived at Alex's summer cottage at 11pm where we would sleep the night and start bright and early the next day! The village we were staying in had one road going through it so the silence was incredible! It wasn't until the morning that I saw how beautiful the landscape was! Rolling hills and lots of green!!!

At 8am, Alex, Amy (Alex's Assistant) and I, then set off to Alex's chosen area to shoot. It was an abandoned slate quarry just next to the village. As we climbed our way up the slate hills (in my dinner shoes I have to add), we got to see even more of the fantastic views!!

It was time to shoot!! Amy was in charge of play-back (playing the song so I could mime to it) and Alex was ready with his camera/tripod contraption so I began to play my guitar and sing to the track over and over again. Thanks to my Dad for letting me use his guitar by the way. I didn't want to damage mine haha! Fortunately the guitar didn't break in half and it didnt rain so now it's safely back at its home!

I did the track justice with the feeling I put into it. It was important to have that shown in the video. Its an anthemic song so I needed to 'give it some', even though I was miming!

4 hours later, after alot of singing, miming, walking and climbing, the shoot was done. Alex said 'that's a wrap' and I returned to my dressing room (the back seat of Alex's Ford Focus)!

After a great meal in an oldy-worldy pub, we set off back home! Thank you to Alex and Amy for making me feel very comfortable and for taking me to Wales and back!!!

Hope you like the video and of course the song, which is available to buy on iTunes and Amazon now!

Please check out the 'behind the scenes' photos of the video shoot in the piccies section!


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